"MAJ Beam" Sketchup Plugin to create beams

“MAJ Beam” plugin helps you create beams in Sketchup. Sketchup’s status bar helps you make beams and use the active keys when using this plugin. This version is completely tested on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download this version by following the link address: https://sketchucation.com/plugin/2385… MAJ Plugins List: Free Plugins: 1- “MAJ Beam”. Helps you create beams. 2- “MAJ Column”. A must-have to create columns quickly and efficiently. 3- “MAJ Wall”. Allows you to create walls with 3 different layers. 4- “MAJ Door”. This plugin makes doors in the walls made by “MAJ Wall”. 5- “MAJ Window”. This plugin makes windows in the walls made by “MAJ Wall”. 6- “MAJ FollowMe”. Lets you create 3D shapes by choosing a face that follows your mouse pointer. 7- “MAJ Rail”. This plugin facilitates creating rails in 3 different types. 8- “MAJ Stair”. This plugin makes stair in 4 different thickness types. Paid Plugins: 1- “MAJ Interior”. Knauf, Cornice, Wall Interior, Baseboard, and Floor made by one click. 2- “MAJ Light”. Helps you create halogen lamps made on Knauf. 3- “MAJ FollowMe”. The paid version allows the creation of an unlimited face list and face rotation. 4- “MAJ Rail”. 6 types of rails in the paid version.

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