Thanking an Extension Maker?

I wanted to give a review and thank an extension maker and it wouldn’t allow me to do that on the Makers Extension page. I see that they have zero reviews and wondered if that is a setting on their end?
Big shout to Curic Mirror. It has saved me a lot of work and yes, I did make a donation to the Maker. Thanks.


The extension warehouse was drowning in spam. Until we have a solution to properly handle it they have been disabled. (That involved comments also being hidden, the spam problem was so big that it was more spam than valid comments. We were getting hit by some intense spam bots.)


Thom Thom — would it not be possible to restrict reviews to logged-in members who have downloaded the extension in question? (similar to Amazon’s ‘Verified Purchaser’)

Or is that still not enough to filter out the spam?

That’s something we’ve been talking about. Haven’t landed on something though.