Texture stretches after subdivision

I’m making a wicker armchair. I started from lowpoly model, textured it and when I applied subdivision, my texture got distorted badly in one place. Wondering why and how I can fix it. Does anyone have idea?

two-plane rocking armchair.skp (2.3 MB)

Fredo6 Tools > ThruPaint

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Thanks a lot :smiley:
I actually used QuadMesh projection but on lowpoly version only. Well, till today I thought that I could paint my lowpoly model and the texture mapping will be smoothly distributed onto subdivided mesh. Turns out the world is not so simple :stuck_out_tongue:
The disadvantage of correcting texture on subdivided mesh is that you cannot unsubdivide it back because you’ll lose the corrections you’ve made. So you’re stuck with hipoly version while I wanted to create an “ellastic” model.
Is this even possible to avoid such texture distorsions from textured lowpoly mesh?

At the same time I have another question:
Certainly QuadMesh texturing of this model has to be done in a couple of steps cuz the mesh has “seams”.
You have repainted 12 quads and there are still at least 3 I’d like to repaint.
Do you know how to “transfer” UVs from quad nr 1 to quad nr 2 so that texture distribution will match at the edge they meet? In other words: texture transition would be seamless between these two quads but quad 1 mapping would remain unchanged.
I tried “sample UV mode” button in ThruPaint but it won’t do that.
Also tried to “merge” both quads by hiding edge that separates them and repainting both in one go as a single surface. No success.
Native texture position tool won’t work either. Besides that it’s inaccurate.
I guess the only way is exporting the model to Roadkill or other external unwrapper.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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