Texture Import disorientation ( A Mesh Surface) from Rhino to Sketchup as (.skp ) file

I deliberately modeled an object in Rhino to test the texture orientation check when imported into Sketchup as Sketchup doesn’t have powerful texturing of objects and I needed variety in my scene

The above image shows the texture mapping done on various objects in Rhino and as Mesh Geometry

This is the Mesh faces orientated correctly in Rhino to ease the process when imported into Sketchup as .skp file

I did save textures

This is the result when imported and softened coplanar faces

:expressionless: Not cool man

How to save texture data when importing a native skp file with correct face orientation and not a disorientated, disproportionate, messy textured model

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There is a related question: How to save texture data when exporting a skp file from Rhino? My guess is that your custom UV-s are ignored when Rhino writes your file to SketchUp format.