Texture alignment on sloped vertical faces

Take a look at the gif below.

I am trying to align textures to sloped vertical faces using the unfixed pins. Sometimes the pins snap to the vertices of the face (making it easy) and other times they don’t (making it hard). What determines whether or not the pins snap to the vertices? Is there a way to make them snap there?

Alternatively, if there is an easier way to achieve this, by all means let me know.


You have a plugin called Thrupaint, that gets installed when you install Fredotools, where you can select all the faces you want to paint and apply a quad face texturing method that does just that:


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Alright, this is a good start. Thrupaint correctly lines up the texture with the slope of the face, but I also need the textures for adjacent faces to line up at the seams. Any idea how I could achieve this also?

Another image just to make it clear what I’m referring to:

I suppose you should search google on how to create seamless textures. The texture left side should match the right side.

Nah, that’s not the problem. The texture is seamless, but the seams don’t line up with the edges of the texture because the widths of the faces are not multiples of the texture’s width.

For example, let’s say the width of a texture is 3 and the width of a face is 8. The texture will repeat twice fully and then the third repeat will be cut off in the middle somewhere.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Make the seamless texture at least a factor of the longest length you’d need to cover. If the longest face is 8, make the texture 2 or 4 long. Or better, make it longer than the largest factor. Maybe 5 or 6. Start applying the material on the longest face and work away from it.

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I will definitely do this in the future, but unfortunately I didn’t have that knowledge when I made the model that I’m texturing right now and it just has random non-integer lengths.

You can round the longest length up to the next integer and work off that. Since your texture is already seamless, it’s the work of a few seconds in an image editor to make it longer. You could even make it a little longer than the longest face.

When I make wood grain textures for my projects, I use images of whole boards. I’m not looking for seamless because real wood isn’t seamless but the boards are almost always longer than the longest face I’d have to cover. With wood, that allows me to select different sections out of the same board so repetition isn’t noticeable. Example.

It’s different in your case with the seamless texture but the longer image would be helpful.

I don’t quite follow you. If I have a face with a length of 3 and I apply a texture to it with a length of 4, it will cut the texture off 75% of the way and then the adjacent face won’t line up with it.

I might just be misinterpreting you.

Quad texturing takes care of seamless textures in Thrupaint, so you must be doing something wrong. Make sure your faces have 4 sides and each side only has 4 edges. Split edges ruin it:

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Ohhhhh, I see. I was doing it wrong.

Thank you very much, this is now solved.

Yes, the texture will be cut off on one face but you can align the texture on the next face with the one on the previous face.

You’re welcome, it’s easy to solve issues that are nicelly explained.

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ThomThom’s QuadFace Tools has a similar feature as Thrupaint but is in my view easier to install.

True, but thrupaint is a very broad texturing plugin…

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