Text block line spacing on a mac

HI All

Anyone know whether its possible to increase the line spacing within text blocks in Layout. I need to include a specification on a drawing and need to get better legibility with increased line spacing.

I can’t see anything within the show fonts box. I realise layout uses the default OSX font interface and can’t believe that there is no way to control this important element of typography given that the mac was ALL about typography from the start.

Im on 2016 Pro on El Capitan.

cheers in advance

Believe it or not, it is true. LayOut has no typographic controls to speak of.


text test.layout (10.0 KB)

I created this
text in the text edit.app
I set the line spacing
to 0.8
then I pasted it into a text block in
Layout. The text block retains the line
spacing even though I have replaced all of the
original text from the outside app.
It is a kind of left handed work around. But
it works

The sample layout sheet shows the result.

I wish there were better text editing features in Layout.

I have also used similar techniques to insert numbered lists like General Notes and even outlines.

Layout does not offer much in the way of text formatting, but it does seem to recognize formatted text and follow the format once it is established.

I just tried this same thing on label notes. It works there too.

Thank you bifterx! If you had not asked the question I would not have tried this.

text test.layout (13.0 KB)

William, that is great!
I had actually seen the effect but didn’t realise the connotations of copying from Pages or Notes etc.

Good man, thanks very much indeed.
I’ve now set up a Pages document with the margins set to my standard text block size on my layout template so I can set out the text and retain the same wraps, paragraph breaks etc.