Tessellation for irregular and curvilinear volumes

Any thoughts or resources on filling volumes with tessellation (geodesic units) to then 3D print?

I’d like to generate curvilinear volumes then fill them with a mesh that can be 3D printed.

It looks like I’ll be using some combination of Dynamic Components, TIG’s Extrusion Tools, Shape Bender, SubD, Voronoizer, Fabber, Soap Skin & Bubble, and other extensions and plugins.

How would you go about modeling this?

If you export as STL, all faces are triangulated. For other export formats there is an option to triangulate all faces.

Would those do the job for you?

Whatever software you use for 3D printing should be able to take the STL file and give you options on whether the object is hollow or has a fill.

It’s likely there is workflow that will work for you, You’ll have to include a model or some sketches at least of what you are trying to achieve to get specific answers.