Temporary use Sketchup 2020 with 2022 subscription licence


Is there any possibility to temporary use Sketchup 2020, my licence has just expired, with Sketchup 2022 subscription one?
I have to transfer all plugins, deactivate them from the version 2020 to the 2022 one.

Or perhaps there is any other way to access Sketchup 2020 to achieve the goal?

Thank you very much for any piece of advice.

Do not transfer extensions from an older version of SketchUp to a newer one unless you enjoy chasing loading errors. Install up to date versions of the extensions from their source instead.

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Subscription licenses are not version specific.
They give access to all versions of SketchUp that use the sign in procedure ( eg. Version 2019 and up)
Be aware that each sign in in a version counts as a ‘device’, so you might run into the max number.
Simply sign out a version that you don’t use to lower that number.


Many, many and more thanka for your message, and above all such promot response.

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Hope it does work.
Will be back with results.