TC Visualizer and Cut Face Components

Hello everyone,

To speed up my volumetric simulation process in feasibility studies, I created some components with the native face cutter. I use the TC Visualizer for the renderings, as it is just for reference and I don’t have a high demand for realism. However, I noticed that the TC Visualizer is not compatible with the face cutter. When I open TC Viz, the faces automatically cut in SketchUp appear without the cut.

Am I doing something wrong with the configuration, or we really don’t have compatibility in this case?

I don’t know much about TC visualizer, but many renderers fail to recognize sketchup’s cut face components. You’d have to explode them in order to see the openings

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Thank you, @paul.millet.

I had similar issues with V-Ray, but since it is a third-party extension, this kind of thing is understandable. Given that TC Viz is also from Trimble, I expected greater compatibility.

it now works ok with vray !

just to make sure, are your components faces correctly oriented ? this could lead to the lack of transparency if the faces are misoriented

For me, it works in V-Ray but with some exceptions. It’s not uncommon to have errors on some faces, forming some cut triangulations that “leak” outside the component area or simply don’t cut, but never the entire model as was the case with TC Viz. Additionally, I was never able to get the Double-Cut face to work in V-Ray.

I’ve already checked the face orientation; that’s not the issue. It seems that TC Viz is just not compatible.

it’s the same company, but it has not been developed solely for sketchup, it was made to use with their other products then adapted as a sketchup extension.

if I recall correctly, it converts your project to a trimbim file for the visualisation. that’s why you also can’t configure materials (yet), because it’s a whole different file structure than SU.
So it’s basically the same as vray or enscape in that it’s works like a third party extension, not a native tool.

edit : yes, it converts your SU into a trimbim file, that’s why it’s SU23+

It was first developed for TEKLA then later made available to SU users

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Perfect! Thanks, everyone.

The idea was to understand whether the problem was with my configuration or the software. If it’s a limitation of TC Viz, there’s not much we can do. I’ll close the topic.

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