TC Sync for Windows - Some considerations

I started using Trimble Connect Sync for Windows and I found some issues, at least in how I think it would be intuitive to use:

1. TC takes a huge amount of time previewing/scanning files.

I might have pushed it a bit too far, to be honest, but I had this moderate sized project folder synced to Trimble Connect overnight: 75Gb :smirk: of files and folders all on TC.

Now I have a huge issue. I’m syncing the project and TC seems stuck in preview. It takes over 5 minutes for scanning the folders without it. If I’m generating the preview it’s taking so long that I cancel it.

The only way I found to make this faster is to sync subfolders independently. That’s what I’m having my team doing. Each of them will sync a specific folder and not the whole project.

As the admin of the project I would like to be able to sync the whole project though. Can you find ways of streamlining this?

2. Delete files.

If either me or any in my team deletes a file from our desktop folders, a sync will not erase it from server, it will rather push the file back to our disks. We have to go to the desktop Trimble Connect app and manage deleting files there.

Why is this so I cannot comprehend.

Syncing should be bi-directional as we have in settings and backup files, should be maintained only in server, hidden until called uppon their history, but even so we could force delete them.

3. Trimble Connect Sync as an Extra App?

Why would we need it to be independent? It could perfectly be a part of the Trimble Connect for Desktop and would streamline our user experience.

This is great feedback.
For assistance with Trimble Connect outside of the Trimble Connect extension within SketchUp, please contact the Trimble Connect Support team via: or email them at
I know they’d love to hear from you.
The SketchUp team has no control over Sync, we can only affect the TC extension within SketchUp.
If you don’t get a satisfactory response from them, though, please mention that here and we’ll get you to the right help.
We should probably rename this Forum title something that indicates that we can only help with the TC extension for SketchUp, and direct people of where to go for help with purely TC products, since that is a different team entirely. @jody

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OK Thanks for your response and I will try to post there too.

If this Category is about TC for Sketchup Extension, then I can give you some feedback on it too.

I might open a new post but the first questions I have are related to this:

Thanks, JQL. I’m not sure what section planes and scenes have to do with the TC extension inside of SketchUp, though. Inside of SketchUp, it’s easy to see section planes and scenes.
It sounds like that’s a question about viewing SketchUp models inside of Trimble Connect, so that would still be a question for the TC team.
Have you tried opening the model in the SketchUp online viewer from TC, instead of the native Trimble Connect 3D viewer? I’ll post an image in that thread to show you.