Tapering A 3D Pattern

I’m using SketchUp Make, but there’s no section for it so I’m posting here. Apologies if it’s the wrong place for this.

I want to turn the following 3D pattern into a tapered shape:

I want the circles to get progressively smaller as the pattern tapers.

I tried using the BoxTaper option in the FredoScale plugin:


. . . but as you can see, it distorts the circles rather than making them smaller.

I’ve searched the Extension Warehouse, but I can’t find anything suitable. Is there an extension than will do what I want?

Or can I create the shape I want first and apply the pattern to that?



You’ll need to change the pattern if you don’t want to distort the disks. Make the circles progressively smaller and don’t bend them or they will get deformed.

I drew the disks to size and use Rotate/Copy to create a radial array. No extensions or plugins were used.


You can get there with native tools.