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I’m working in macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and SketchUp Pro 21.1.331

I was having issues with my Tag pallet. If I opened SKP and launched a blank template the tags were fine… but if I launched and went right to a previous file the tag column was very narrow… basically useless.

There are several topics already on the forum about this issue, and various ways to at least temporarily restore better behavior. The developers are aware of it.

Yes, I posted in one. This is behavior I hadn’t seen before so thought the devs might find it interesting.

There is a bug report about this already. I don’t know what the latest is on the case, there haven’t been any updates for a while.

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I’ve posted, too. I do hope they fix this soon. The temp fixes offered usually quit working after you open the file a second time.

While we’re on the matter of tag window bugs on a Mac, just a reminder to any developers reading to please also make the greyed out tags darker. These two bugs combined make the tag window very difficult to use on a Mac.

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I already reported the grayed out tag icon as well. Hopefully that will be improved.

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I haven’t tried any of the temp fixes - but what I’ve been doing is starting a blank new drawing, then opening the file I want to work on from the File> menu. That has been working…

If I immediately open a file from the splash screen without starting with a blank template the Tag columns get squished.


Thanks for that, it does seem consistent. I will add notes to the bug report.

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Thanks Colin.

This just started happening to me and its making our workflow with sketchup almost useless as i cant read any of my tags.

Yep–welcome to the club! Many posts like this. Let’s hope they listen and include a fix for this in the next release (and while they’re at it fix the unreadable greyed out text when toggled off). We’re told it’s a known bug, but it remains to be seen if they care enough about Mac users to fix it any time soon (it’s already been too long IMO).

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There have been so many posts about this that it’s easy to happen to not read the posts with the best work arounds in them

It seems that if you open a model from the Welcome screen you are likely to get the problem, but if you open it from the File menu you don’t.

I wish this were true, but it doesn’t work for me.

I found that I need to start a ‘blank’ new drawing - it happens to be from my template. Then I can open from the file menu with no issue.

Having the same behavior in 2022 on macOS. If I open a blank template it seems to work 50% of the time… I will open a drawing, see the tags column as too small, quit, start again, open a template, if its good then I can open an older drawing.

Support have done a lot of testing, and I also went back to test more. In both our cases we kept trying things, and that would seem to fix the problem. After my last tests though it seems to be that it either will work or it won’t work, and what actions I took don’t affect that. You can imagine that it can take a long time to get to that conclusion, if for most of the testing you think you just did something relevant!

So, what you have found seems to be the case, and that closing and reopening SketchUp without doing anything different, will leave you good for the rest of that session, or bad.

After I realized that my actions were not affecting anything, I was able to work with a developer to try different ideas, and there is good hope that we know how to fix it. Can’t tell you exactly when that might appear as an update.

Meanwhile, now that we think we know what is really going wrong I am trying to figure out a work around, that you could do in existing 2021 and 2022 versions.

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Thanks Colin! Good luck, and I look forward to a fix… just a mild annoyance at this point as I know with several start / open / quit sequences I can work with it…

Is there any word on darkening the grey font in the tag window on Macs? I can kind of understand the challenge of trying to fix an intermittent issue such as the column width, but what’s the excuse for not changing the font color? I’m not a programmer, but how hard can it be to make the font darker? Definitely the middle finger to Mac users.