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A pet peeve of mine

My models can have hundreds of layers (I hate “tags” but I suppose at some point I’ll get over it). Scrolling through that list to find any particular layer is pretty tedious, even if I have a decent memory of where in the list any particular layer is. (They’re prefixed as numbered so that they sort in the way I want.) If I move to another model file, then when I return to the original file, the layer list is all the way back to the top again - the location in the list to which I’ve scrolled isn’t persistent. This has always been an annoyance.

Yes, I know I can start typing in the Layer name, but I don’t have them memorized, I only have a decent idea where they are within the list.

Seems it would take but changing only a few lines of code to correct this, but then I’m not a programmer so that’s just a guess.

2021 has Tag folders.

Whilst I cannot quite understand why any drawing would need “hundreds of layers”, as @Box implies, you would do well to upgrade to SU2021 as the long asked for folder system should at least help you navigate your tags.

I checked, and your 2020 license was updated to 2021, so you do have the option to try what Box was suggesting.

I told the license manager page to send your 2021 license to you.

Thanks, Colin. I’m holding off on upgrading as long as possible. One of my main plugins has followed Trimble to the subscription plan and I find renting software unpalatable.

Yes, I suppose that would go a long way to helping. Just against the concept of renting software. I don’t know any plumbers (and, I’m not a plumber) that get to charge per flush in perpetuity.

I model the construction aspects of custom home construction - structure, civil, MEPS. Very complex models. The particular project I’m modeling now is on a hillside and consists of 8 levels, all post and beam, and the upper levels need the structure chased all the way down into the foundation. Crazt complicated. So, the layering matches the complexity of the model.

If your license has already been upgraded, you might, like me have been able to upgrade based on the last annual license you bought. So you won’t necessarily have to pay any subscription if you are happy to keep using SU2021 in perpetuity.

That must be some house!

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I know electric grid owners that do. Typically they charge more than the power plant, and you have to pay whether your lights are on or off.

Not in Texas…

Oh, they are paying plenty just now