Tag Folders not displayed in Entity Info... Bug? / Feature Request?

Decided to give Tag folders [latest 2021 feature] a go in the latest highrise I am modeling…

Usually I use prefixes to establish some hierarchy eg
"#"generic tags,
"+"floor levels,
"-"building elements etc.

so set up similar tag folders with “sub”/ tags within them

Then creating new elements decided to give them the correct tag by assign it in “entity info”

What,? I cant see the hierarchy in “Entity Info”

so i am left with a long alphabetical list of tags with no structure …

am I missing something…

what uses the folders in tags if I cant see the structure when assigning them ?

Is this a bug… or a feature request for SU 2022?

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I don’t think it’s a bug, but it would be a good feature. I noticed the same issue when assigning a tag from the drop-down tag menu: no hierarchy.