System Requirements: MS Internet Explorer & Apple Safari still required?

using Chromium with the last SU versions for e.g. HTML-based dialogs, is MS Internet Explorer 9.0 and Apple Safari w/ QuickTime 5.0 still a system requirement of the SU application or is simply a modern browser for viewing the video tutorials meant?

SketchUp used to use the system browser for internal web dialogs, e.g. 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Geo Location and inside extensions themselves. Chromium was added in 2017 and exposed through the Ruby API for extension developers to use, but for some time native dialogs still used the system browser as there wasn’t time to move everything over.

By now I think all native functionality uses Chromium, but I’d like to have that confirmed by SU staff. If native functionality no longer uses the system browser I think it should be dropped as a requirement. Sure, old extension still use the obsolete WebDialog class which uses the system browser, but then it’s really up to those extension to document their requirements, as has always been the case.

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