! symbol after updating to the latest version of layout

I just updated to the latest version of Layout to try the new features, in particular the ability to set separate onscreen display and document output (Thanks. finally!)

I now see this “!” symbol on my viewports.

Can someone please explain what this signifies?

Like it has always done, it means the viewport needs to be rendered. Right click on one of the viewports and choose Render Models on Page or in Document.

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This may be surprising but I’ve never seen this before.
What’s the deference between Render Models on Page or Render Models in Document?
Additionally what’s the difference between these and right click “update model reference”? This is the method I unusually use to see my model changes refresh in my layout sheets. Is this wrong?

Thanks for your help Dave

The difference is in the words. Render Models on Page only renders the viewports onthe current page. Render Models in Document renders all of the viewports in the document.

Update Model References goes out and looks at the reference .skp file to check for changes. Render Model … doesn’t.

It’s not wrong but if all you need to do is render the viewports there’s no point making LayOut go look at the original .skp file.

Thanks Dave. Hopefully this will speed up my work flow. updating model reference has been a significant time sink up to now. Just doing some tests I see that I still need to update model ref in order to see new scenes I’ve created scenes appear in the viewport browser/dropdown.

Well, if you’ve made changes to the SketchUp model since the last time the LO document was updated, you’ll still need to update the model reference.

Of course you will.


Just to clarify this part - If I have changed my SketchUp model and I go to Layout and right click Render Viewport on Page, this wont look at the source SketchUp file and render the changes I have made?

Right. You still need to update the reference.

Right. :expressionless: So no time savings at all. :pensive: The only reason I ever need to re-render a viewport is because I have changed the model and want to see the changes reflected in order to connect dimensions, labels etc.

Time savings will come from optimizing your models and your LayOut projects.

Are you aware that if you open your sketchup model from Layout, then do changes to the model, then save, then return to Layout, that Layout will auto-magically update all the changes? Eliminates the need to use “Update Model Reference”.

Just have to remember to open Sketchup file from Layout.

I was not aware of this. Thanks.

I have just tested it. It’s cool that the two are then live linked BUT… it does nothing to improve the update time within Layout. I.e. with a large and complex model when I save in the Sketchup model and switch to the Layout window, I find Layout is now already blue pinwheeling trying to update the model reference. I still cant work in layout for the next 20sec while it updates. So it saves 1 right-click step but no significant time in my overall workflow.