Swept Paths


Good afternoon,

I have imported a swept path component (CAD) into sketchup (please find attached).

25 m B-double 12.5 m.dwg (630.3 KB)

I am having issues with removing the irrelevant vehicle paths. As I highlight the path I would like to remove, it appears to be very difficult to remove it completely without removing any of the desired path required for my project.

Please see attached for further clarification on what I am endeavouring to elucidate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Zoom in close to where the path lines diverge and erase the edge segment at the intersection for the path(s) you don’t want to keep. That’ll cut the paths you want to keep free from the dross. Select the edges you don’t need and erase them. You also might give Eneroth Auto Weld a go. It can make selecting the curves much easier.