Survey/floor plan app

I have a feeling this has already been asked.
What’s the best survey/floorplan app compatible with Sketchup please? I’am using Magic Plan but finding a few issues with different wall thicknesses in the same project. Also once I have emailed a project to myself I can not send it again if I want to amend it. I have looked at Floor Plan Creator but it is not available on IOS. I don’t need something with furniture etc it is just so I can accurately measure the layouts and shell to import direct into Sketchup.

Many thanks.

I’ve used magicplan for a few years now, I’ve never bothered with importing the dxf, I’ve found it quicker to just draw it in SketchUp from the dimension in Magicplan. Ive tried setting setting up custom internal wall thicknesses but TBH its a pain to manage, its fine if you are measuring modern (ish) places all the time with the same thicknesses all throughout. I tend to do a lot of olde building where almost every internal wall is different.
The way Magicplan works doesn’t help by surveying each room as a separate entity and then ‘glue-ing’ all the bits together and applying internal thickness ‘rules’ globally. I just tend to make side notes for each room as an aide memoir.
Magicplan is just so quick to use so sort of makes up for it. I also have a (maybe) irrational distrust of automatically generated base plans. So by drawing it all out in SU from the MagicPlan dims alongside other data sources (I use a Structure Sensor to capture rooms as well) at least I can identify anomalies and ‘bug fix’ the survey as I build the model.

Thanks for the response. To generate a floor plan I have drawn the outline of the building then used the Magic Plan layout inserted within the outline and just adjust as needed. I think I will take a look at the Structure Sensor as well.