**I am conducting a research paper. Topic is to measure the effectiveness of sketchup in reducing time and cost of project **
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The engineering information provided to the construction crew plays vital role in construction process. The poor information leads to inefficient communication of design and hence results in construction rework which obviously comes up with cost, disputes, and lower worker morale (Dadi et al., 2014).Engineers usually combine plan, elevation and sections to visualize (in mind) and communicate project components or projects even. Delay usually occurs in visualization and then conveying the decisions based on those visualizations to sub-ordinates. The other problem on sub-ordinate side is that sometimes it becomes difficult for them to read those visualizations or suggest theirs visualizations. These sorts of misinterpretations are very hazardous and hence demand improvements in the formation of documentations of the engineering information.
Traditionally, two dimensional (2D) drawings or blueprints are the spatial and technical communication media for all project participants (Gould and Joyce, 2013). Drawings in the form of plan views, elevations, detailed sections and isometrics help the user to represent the final design intent from all viewpoints. The physical three dimensional (3D) models were built then by hand which provided 3D representations of the project to assist in sequencing, visualization, and planning of critical construction activities however this practice greatly diminished since the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM).It is an intelligent model-based design process that helps in planning, designing, constructing and managing buildings and infrastructures and hence adds value across the entire life cycle of building and infrastructure projects. It is not a single piece of software or model, but a new form of information processing and collaboration, with data embedded within the model .
In the digital age of computers, different tools are being used for BIM; for example Tekla, Autodesk, Rivet, 3dMax, Bentley, SketchUp etc. SketchUp (formally Google Sketchup) is one of tool or software application of BIM. Among other costly software related to BIM, SketchUp’s basic version is free, user-friendly, easy to learn and has ability to be applied widely in different industries at the same time for example construction, mechanical etc

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