Support form not working


Just tried to send a message to the support using the online form (trying to get my invoices), but I cannot submit it. Tried with 3 different browers, all mandatory fields are filled.

Does anyone have an email to contact them ?

Thank you

What is your issue? Maybe someone here can assist.

Thank you for your reply !

Well, I just need my invoice, and it seems we cannot get it from the user account section. They tell us to send a message to the support… through a broken form.

The support pages were changed recently, and some old articles may be pointing to the old contact form. Are you able to contact support on this page?:

Thank you, this form did the job !

I initially used the link in the footer of the website, wich probably brings to the wrong version.

Strange, the link at the bottom of the page took me to the right place. Do you remember which page you were on when you tried that link?