Support for standalone sketchup pro 2020

I just bought and installed the stand alone version 2020. Will I receive tech support from the company and have access to all the help services?


You should. Is there something that makes you think you won’t?

What exactly do you mean by “stand alone version 2020”?

A couple things. First, I wasn’t clear if that was included from what I read on their website. 2nd, cuz I just now bought and installed one from eBay. Although there were good rating for the seller, I think it’s pirated. Got all sorts of warnings from Norton when I installed it. Plan to uninstall it and get a refund, if possible. At any rate, I’ll get a valid program shortly.

That changes the answer. You most likely wouldn’t be entitled to any support if it’s pirated. The only legitimate sources would be directly from SketchUp or for those outside the US, an authorized reseller.If you buy the license from someone else, you can’t expect support from SketchUp tech support.

Good luck getting your money back.

Did you receive a serial number?