SUP for IPad Training

I am looking for a SUP for Ipad training course, preferably web-based. I know there are an absolute ton of tutorials for every aspect of SUP for Ipad, but I am looking for a training course that will take me through the critical steps I should take in setting up any drawing I do in SUP, all the way from using groups and components, scaling, or creating models ready for 3D printing. I envisage most of my 3D printing to to be small items (brackets, gears, sprockets, replacement pieces, etc). I would also like to expand my SUP skills into woodworking, with a first priority on using SUP for creating 3D models for woodturning. Flat work will come later. Any recommendations on coursing I can investigate and hopefully engage in?

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I would start here:
It’s a a series of video’s dedicated to SketchUp for Ipad. is also a great source for learning. No dedicated training for the Ipad version but it’s all about learning how to use the tools and they are more or less the same on all versions.

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Eternally watch YouTube. Just be picky about what you watch. A lot of BS out there.

Christopher A Krupp Architect
Sketchup School
Sketchup Essentials
Master Sketchup

Watch, try out, stop, rewind, watch…