Your Input Needed! SketchUp for Ipad Videos!

Hi all! We are taking a look at the best way to present you with help content, and woudl love to see what you think of a couple different way we can do this! Take a look at the videos below, and let us know your thoughts:

Video Option #1

Video Option #2

Overall, which would you prefer as in-app help?

  • Video #1
  • Video #2

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Please comment below with ANY feedback. Video style, sound, script… anything is fair game! Let us know your thoughts!

Video one was clear and the pencil, touch, and mouse graphics were best.

I’d learn from both videos but video 1 was more clear. I prefer human vs animated tutorials.

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Great feedback! Keep it coming!!

Video #1 was more like a real use tutorial to me…

I prefer real human hand for any iPad tutorials.

The hand are simpler but the stylus is more precise?

The “Push/Pull” method to make holes in the wall is not appropriate on Ipad.
The best would be to offer options with the automatic opening option.


David Barros

I think option 1 is better regarding the learning content, although I prefer the production quality of option 2 (better sound, better image quality).

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While the first video is better at making us understand what’s happening with the real hand and pencil, the second looks more professional as @jiminybillybob says.

Content isn’t the same, but second is more streamlined while the first is better to make it all clear because it features real example we all can relate to.

Improve production in one and it becomes clearly better than two. I would think better lighting on the hand and pencil might nail it.

Edit: oh and it could also help if thrown in some texts and separators so that non English speakers understand better what’s being said.

One idea to improve video 1: besides filming from a top-down POV, also record the screen. Then replace the filmed screen with the screen-recorded video. This means rotoscoping the hand and pencil, but it could be an easy task for semi-automated tools like Rotobrush in After Effects.
This way, you would get the best of both: an actual hand doing the actions, with a perfectly clean image of the screen.

I wonder if the feedback would be more valuable if it was an apples-to-apples comparison where the subject for evaluation was the only difference.

None-the-less, immediately I noticed the improved audio (less reverb/compressed) in the second video, more than I noticed the illustrated -vs- organic hand.

If it were me, I would probably go with the version that’s easiest to produce, because it didn’t feel that either video was substantially better, from the perspective of the style (illustrated v. organic hand).

I felt video #1, from the standpoint of content, was much better. Primarily because anyone doing this (that’s a potential customer/future revenue stream) would be using an Apple Pencil. It’s much more efficient and holds the viewers attention to stick with that single mode of teaching.

You could then cross-link/embed-link a video for “Sketchup for iPad - No Pencil Required.” This gives you the best of both words: keep the videos streamlined for the potentially serious/vested users, while providing a resource for others without the $100 Pencil accessory, to adapt.

I only say this because pacing is perhaps the most important component of any video, after the content. For example: I’ll watch a terrible 480-resolution video that is well-paced with clear audio, before I’ll watch a 1080p video that is too slow, too fast, poor audio, or monotone/TTS audio.

If you don’t believe that to be true, consider how many times you’ve searched through several different videos to find one that does a good job explaining without being far too long, or too abbreviated to be worthwhile.

Of course, it’s all subjective – that’s just my opinion in attempting to move it slightly into a more objective/quantified realm :wink: