SUModelSaveToFile() triggers Access violation

Hi all,
I am using SketchUp C++ API to convert a sketchup model into a component definition and add it’s instance to another sketchup model. In the following code, i am adding catalogModeRef_k to ImportedSkpModel0.
Crash happens at SUModelSaveToFile(), with error “Exception thrown at 0x00007FFD2DEC3BE5 (SketchUpAPI.dll) in UE4Editor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. occurred”

It doesn’t crash if i add only Materials and Component Definitions. Group definitions is causing the crash.

    SUModelRef ImportedSkpModel0=  SUModelCreateFromFile(.....); // this is working fine
    SUModelRef catalogModeRef_k  =  SUModelCreateFromFile(.....); // this is working fine
    if (SUIsValid(catalogModeRef_k))
					size_t material_count = 0;
					SUModelGetNumMaterials(catalogModeRef_k, &material_count);
					size_t material_count_out = 0;
					SUMaterialRef* materialRefs = new SUMaterialRef[material_count];
					SUModelGetMaterials(catalogModeRef_k, material_count, materialRefs, &material_count_out);

					SUResult addmaterials_result = SUModelAddMaterials(ImportedSkpModel0, material_count_out, materialRefs);
					// component definition that define component instances but not groups
					size_t compdef_count = 0;
					SUModelGetNumComponentDefinitions(catalogModeRef_k, &compdef_count);
					size_t compdef_count_out = 0;
					SUComponentDefinitionRef* compdefs = new SUComponentDefinitionRef[compdef_count];
					SUModelGetComponentDefinitions(catalogModeRef_k, compdef_count, compdefs, &compdef_count_out);

					SUResult addcompdefs_result = SUModelAddComponentDefinitions(ImportedSkpModel0, compdef_count_out, compdefs);
					// component definition that define groups -- adding group defs is causing crash when we save the skp model
					size_t groupdef_count = 0;
					SUModelGetNumGroupDefinitions(catalogModeRef_k, &groupdef_count);
					size_t groupdef_count_out = 0;
					SUComponentDefinitionRef* groupdefs = new SUComponentDefinitionRef[groupdef_count];
					SUModelGetGroupDefinitions(catalogModeRef_k, groupdef_count, groupdefs, &groupdef_count_out);

    SUResult addgroupdefs_result = SUModelAddComponentDefinitions(ImportedSkpModel0, groupdef_count_out, groupdefs);


    SUResult SaveSkp_result = SU_ERROR_NONE;
	if (SUIsValid(ImportedSkpModel0))
		// save it as a new skp model
		SaveSkp_result = SUModelSaveToFile(ImportedSkpModel0, SavePath); // CRASHING AT THIS POINT.

You are mixing ownership of entities. You cannot feed the entities that is owned by one model and pass it to another.

In SketchUp, a component can be considered a model. For instance, if you right click a component in SketchUp and choose Save As it will save out a new .skp file. Similar, if you import a .skp file into another model it will appear as a new component definition.

In the Ruby APi can can do this by using Sketchup::DefinitionList#load: Class: Sketchup::DefinitionList — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

Now - I’m looking through the C API docs, and I’m starting to wonder if we are missing this functionality there…
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. But I’ll dig deeper and check back.

Hi Thomas,

As you suggested, I also went through C API. It doesn’t have a method similar to Ruby API, to get component definition from a sketchup model.

I am trying to merge 2 sketchup models(say, A and B) into one new model, using C APIs

I created a new SUModelRef. Then, recursively, populate it’s entities from both A and B.
Everything works fine. But, sometimes it crashes at the final stage when I try to save the new model using SUModelSaveToFile().
Any idea why it happens?

I was trying to debug my visual studio project. But, Sketchup SDK doesn’t have debugging symbols(.pdb files).

Is there anyway I can get .pdb files so that I can debug my project.

Error message at SUModelSaveToFile():

[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: === Critical error: ===
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error:
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: Fatal error!
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error:
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0x0b658570
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error:
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: 0x000000000B658570
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022F83BED
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022FE3F60
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022FE695D
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022FF5CF3
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022FA52CF
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022FA4A92
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022D5A75D
[2017.12.18-10.17.09:895][709]LogWindows: Error: SketchUpAPI.dll!0x0000000022D5A698

Further, going into assembly code shows this:

00007FFD1F8F48E6 mov rdx,r14
00007FFD1F8F48E9 mov qword ptr [rsp+268h],rdx
00007FFD1F8F48F1 mov dword ptr [rsp+270h],r14d
00007FFD1F8F48F9 mov rcx,qword ptr [MergedSkpModel]
00007FFD1F8F48FE call qword ptr [__imp_SUModelSaveToFile (07FFD1F9FD3B8h)]
00007FFD1F8F4904 nop — CRASHES HERE.

As I mentioned before - you should not add entities that belongs to one model to another model. Both models will then own the entities and there will be crashes.

I’ve added a feature request to add this to the API. (SU-38429)

I’m afraid that we cannot provide debug symbols for SketchUp.

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