SU podium renders

Good Morning, I am currently rendering a bedroom which needs to be rendered to its best being its going to be presented during a Board Meeting.
My first renders looked very nice, then they asked for some changes before presenting them to the Board and I just cannot understand what went wrong… Suddenly the scenes whichever I pick are over exposed. I have been trying to render a good quality presentable scene since yesterday and I was meant to give them in yesterday :frowning: :frowning:

Do You need help or what is Your point?

Yes please I would like to know why my scenes are looking so over exposed
Unfortunately I cannot attach any of them because I have trashed them

Then how are we supposed to help?

HOSPICE-0-0-0 2020-02-03 20354900000

ok managed - sorry about that - I know my message did not make much sense :slight_smile: