SU Make17 Questions

I’ve been using Make17 on my computer at home since it came out. I recently purchased a new laptop for at work, and I found the link to download the Make17 version. I looked at the web app version for about 2 minutes and it was so foreign said screw it, and I like the ability to work on a drawing from either computer and edit it on the other so having the same version keeps that simple. So I’ve been using the version on the new machine for a month or so. Today I get a message telling me to upgrade to pro or exit, as in I can no longer use the Make like it was a trial version. Make has all the features I need and more, I feel no need to upgrade to Pro. I’d even pay to keep Make the way it is. Is there a way to continue using it? I haven’t been prompted to upgrade on my other computer. I’m confused.


if you download Make it reverts to Make after the Pro trial period…

if you download Pro it ceases to run after the trial…


Keep in mind that if you are using SketchUp for your work, you need to be using Pro.

I just tried opening it again, I get the same “make isn’t getting any younger, upgrade to Pro…” and there’s an option to agree, or to do the Pro trial. I clicked agree and Make opens! Hope it continues to.