SU 2014 Pro cannot see .SKM material files copied to folder MAC Mavericks


I have material files I am trying to bring into SU 2014. I have created a new list and a new material in Material Manager and they are seen in list no problem.

When I create a new list or create a new folder in users/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp and copy .SKM files to it the folder shows up in the list but cannot see any materials in the folder. This is is the same folder SU creates a new list in so I know I am in the right place. SU will not see the SKM files even if I copy them into a folder that materials are visible in the Material Mgr.

I have materials I need to bring into the new version and am at a loss why this is happening. I have spent hours looking into forums and threads about similar issues but none have provided a workable solution.

I have migrated from PC to MAC and this is a totally new install. What am I missing???


I just tried the same thing, manually creating a new folder in 2014’s Materials folder and copying a material skm from SU 8 to it. The folder and material both showed up in 2014. So, there must be something subtle tripping you up. Maybe ownership and access permissions on the folders and files (just grasping at straws here…)