Stuck at spinner to try out sketchup pro

  1. On I clicked “Try Sketchup”
  2. I select “Personal”
  3. I click “Let’s get to it”
  4. The loading spinner comes up and keeps endlessly spinning

The errors in the browser(chrome) console are as follows:

I have tried this on firefox, chrome, edge on Windows 10.

I have tried this both with signing up through google and also just with my email account.

If you want to start a trial, go to and download the latest desktopclient and install it on your computer.
Then, start SketchUp and sign in.
What do you see?

That worked flawlessly!
Many thanks from a fellow monsters inc. fan :slight_smile:

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My daughter used to say I just looked like him, so I decided to choose to use it as avatar.

I am involved in a lot of projects, nowadays…

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