Pro Trial won't work (latest 2022 version)

Hello, I’m trying to trial Sketchup pro to consider the cyber sale going on. When I put my info into the try it web form, I press enter and all I get is the Trimble page process bar (constantly round circle). I’ve tried on both Safari and Chrome to no avail. I would like to see the features of the Pro on the desktop as other woodworkers use.

I do have access to the web version, but did not see it for the pro trial on my products page. Thanks in advance!

If you download SketchUpPro here

[Download All | SketchUp]( Download All | SketchUp)

When you sign into it, if you’ve never had a trial it will automatically create one for you.

The page Adam gave may well have you go through the survey again. Here’s a direct link to the Mac disk image:

Thanks Colin!

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