Struggling to edit my model


Have been creating a model, putting objects into groups etc.
I am wanting to add the light blue slither to the green band,


but when I go into the group to edit this appears

Have I screwed up my groups and layer0, faces and edges? will attach my model


Heres the model

Basemap 9 - clean up.skp (1.0 MB)

You are using layers incorrectly. Layer 0 should be active at all times. Faces and edges should remain on Layer 0. Only groups and components should get other layer assignments.

There’s no face in that region to add to your group but if you open the group for editing, you can trace the region you want to add and it will be included.

There is a face that includes it but you have it included in a different group that has the layer visibility turned off. It’s the face shown in magenta here:

Here I’ve cleaned up the model and put all the geometry back on Layer 0 where it belongs.
Basemap 9 - clean up.skp (902.2 KB)

As Dave has already said, you must learn to use the groups and layers correctly.

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I really tried, and managed it with the first lot of groupings, but as I started needing to copy groups to be able to get different floor levels it all started going pear shape.


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