Stretchable handle Dynamic Component

Hi All,

I have trying hours to create this simple handle, even cross referencing the SketchUp bookshelf model to see how the component attributes are linked but I need some help.

I think someone with some DC experience can see I’m on the right track, however I jut don’t know what to do next.

Basically I would like the Handle End LH and RH and the Bar to stretch accordingly to match the widths entered in the DC options dialogue.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Attached is:
1 x SU file
1 x Image.



Stretching Dishwasher Handle using DC attributes.skp (231.8 KB)

Stretching Dishwasher Handle using DC attributes.skp (228.0 KB)

relation of size of bar ( handle length - ends)
need to place position of each part,
left @ 0,
bar @ left lenx.
right end @ x of bar + lenX of bar

use the positionx in Appliance Handle as distance in and determine lenx of handle


Hi Phillip,

Geez man thank you so much for your help!!!

I believe I was heading in the right direction, I still don’t quite understand the correct placement of macros either in attributes I create eg: “Height” “Width” “P_Width” or the attributes that are native like" LenX" “LenY” “PosX” etc…

I opened both the first .skp I created, and then opened the revised you corrected at the same time side by side and compared both DC attributes one by one to see what I had done incorrectly or was not able to complete. I have a few questions about those differences so what I will do is when I have a chance is I will screenshots the questions with clear notations and attached them here. Might be a while before I get around to it I’m quite snowed under at the moment!

Again, Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.