Straight lines are not straight in diffusion outcome

I set ‘respect model geometry’ to Max.
I also put “keep straight line as straight line” in the propmt, and set ‘prompt influence’ to Max. as well.

The outcome is somehow keep making straight lines to the curved (crooked) lines
Maybe it is mixing up the line types since the original has both straight and curved lines?

this is classic AI / stable diffusion, it tend to read not the lines as lines but as an alignment of pixels and therefore not necessary super straight.

as Endlessfixmentions here

it’s not a clean render tool, it’s a tool that will make a snapshot of your 3d and try to interpret it.
lines, in pixels, are not straight, they are aliased (the small pixel stairs), and they maye lines technically wavy.

here is an extreme test :

zoom in, the straight lines are not straight

therefore the AI will treat the input as slightly bumpy and… well… Terminator is not killing us anytime soon.

edit : after a few tries, here it is, almost respecting the geometry but now we get hallucinations.


Thanks for your knowledge and info.
I guess I was naive in thinking that since it is a Sketchup plugin it might be able to recognize the geometry directly rather than as a pixelated image.

Hopefully one may able to instruct the alien to distinguish between the straight and the curved with a given threshold maybe…