STL Export on Pro 2022 problem

Newbe to Pro, just got 2022. The STL Export will save an STL file but it is not correct; it is very small (11K); after being unsuccessful with a pretty simple fixture with some holes in it, I tried a simple 1" cube (yes, it is solid). EXPORT - 3D - STL to desktop. When loaded into Curra slicer, the file name shows up but no rendering of the cube. If I double click on the file (saved on desktop) a picture of the cube show up in Preview. If I load any other STL file into Curra it works fine. Am I missing something simple? (MacBook Pro, Monterey 16.4)

Your description isn’t telling us much.
How about you add both the .skp file and the .stl file so we can see what is going on.

Thanks for the quick reply, I think I got it working, I’m not sure how?? I’m going to try a more complex model. Thanks again.