STL Export Empty File

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Did you have the “Export selected” option checked? If you
have this option checked but nothing selected, the exported file will be

I think there is an issued filed for this bug. Warn user if there is nothing to export · Issue #156 · SketchUp/sketchup-stl · GitHub Will fix.

Did that this time and still got a small file of 77 k and I upgraded to 2016 Make version and installed the export to STL extension the SKP file was like 499 k was like 98. xxxx across measured it with the tape measure . .Oh yeah how do I get the menu / tool bar down left hand side of 2016 makes it easier to find things Forgot to check to see how thick it was but has a semi dome look to the item . .Maybe like another thread said DO NOT use the 3 D printer template us the mm template . . And scale to fit what ever . .