STL export 2021 broken?

Model with objects, every object with its own tag:

Select only two of them and export STL with “olny export selected objects” option active:

The export file is not written! If you deselct all objects, the export looks fine:

It also still has the bug of flipped geometry exporting badly.

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Someone else reported your bug at Sketchucation and Dave confirmed it and mentioned there was a bug report for it.

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Here’s the link to the mentioned post…

And one in the German forum too:

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I couldn’t find a bug report about it. I may write one.

The general case seems to be that you get the export file if all selected items are on the currently active tag.

I filed an issue last night.


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Thanks. Someone will no doubt have made a bug report out of that tomorrow, but I went ahead and made SU-47907.

I added a note in your issue post, so that Trent finds my logged bug report quickly.

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