Step files


Hi Is it possebly to save my project as “step-files” so it can be open i Solide Workes


No. At least not with SketchUp Make.

With SketchUp Pro you could export a file that can be opened in Solidworks such as DXF or DWG.


Hi Dave and thanks for quick answer. I am working from SketchUp Pro 2018 so I try to export DXF or/and DWG


Your profile shows SketchUp Make. Perhaps you could update your profile with current info.

Good luck.


Exported mesh geometry from Sketchup should always be converted to ‘true’ solids, otherwise it is not recognised as.such. ViaCAD Pro has that can convert them.


That is what “solid” SketchUp groups and components get converted into when exported to DWG. Curved objects still end up as faceted but they are solids


They might be solids, but have not the same properties as native solid object, they’re just lump solids. Featureworks in SolidWorkscan convert them, but for the simpler objects, like in SketchUp, redraw is sometimes faster…

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