Statistics Probe extension

I have just published Version 2.0 of my Statistics Probe extension.

The 3D Warehouse contains a great many models that are fine as detailed standalone presentations of a single object, but contain huge numbers of edges and faces to provide that detail. If downloaded into a SketchUp model as “entourage”, they bloat its statistics and cause SketchUp to become very sluggish.

This extension provides a means to analyze the contents of a model to see where its edge and face counts arise. SketchUp’s built-in tools either don’t provide this kind of breakout or don’t provide the information in sorted order, making it hard to know what the culprits are.

There are two versions reporting the analysis results: a visual version that zooms to and highlights an object and reports its statistics in a dialog, and a tabular version that lists the contributions of all the objects in the current context. Both versions provide means to explore the hierarchy of the model to investigate exactly where the edges come from.


Thanks Steve. This very useful. One thing I notice about the keyboard shortcuts with the visual display is if you press a button that doesn’t have anything to do (left cursor when the most obese object is already selected, for example) and you get the pop up message, subsequent keyboard inputs aren’t recognized. I have to quit and restart the tool.

Thanks Dave!

That particular glitch is due to a flaw in the Windows version of SketchUp’s HTMLdialog. If you do anything that takes focus out of the dialog, such as clicking or hitting return to close one of those messageboxes, SketchUp stops passing keypresses to the extension. This doesn’t happen on Mac. I could find no way to work around it!

But you don’t have to restart the extension to keep working, just click anywhere in the dialog and correct behavior resumes!

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Thanks. I guess I didn’t think about it being a focus issue.