Start and install SketchUp SDK

Hi everybody (sorry for my english),

I am new here and in the program world. I need your help for many things (I just start to learn). I have 2 mounth to learn SketchUp and RUBY and produce a software and for this I think I will need your help.

  • What can I use to write a program with it (notepad++, VScode, VS express 2012, VS community 2017) the more simple wil be better for me ?
  • How and where I can install the SketchUp SDK?
    Thanks for advance.

That is a bit ambitious for producing a software at all (even if you have already previous knowledge). Is this an ultimatum? What is the context?

You can use any plain text editor (but not an Office Word processor) or a full-blown integrated development environment (IDE). The latter are usually too powerful and confusing for beginners and take long to load projects and long to learn. Best is to choose a more light-weight advanced editor which supports you to avoid mistakes (code highlighting, syntax checking). There are by the way more than just the ones starting with “VS”.

Examples for advanced editors:

Integrated Development Environments:

If you are really just a beginner with development in SketchUp, you should rather get some first experience right in SketchUp and explore interactively the Ruby API until you get familiar enough before you are able to write complete files of source code in an external app:

These propose you available Ruby methods and documentation, and you can immediately see the results and inspect them.

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The C API SDK is for reading and writing SKP files from other application.

The Ruby API is for creating extensions to SketchUp - which needs no installation.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

I think I will try with Visual studio code or notepad++ and use SketchUp C SDK (to use in the same time C API to do my software interface).

yes, it is very ambitious and an ultimatum for me because I want to put my different sketchup drawing in this software and it will be a good challenge for me.

The goal is import/export sketchup file and put in a list the different surfaces with their layer name and when you select the surface you can see in a table their coordinate.

It is for this reason, I need to find the better and simple way to do this.