Stage Lighting

Hi All

Been using Sketchup to do stage modeling for 5 years now. I have always just added lights to the stage from the 3D warehouse however this just isn’t realistic.

Can anyone recommend some software/ plugins that you can add lighting to a stage especially volumetric lights?



Sounds like you are asking about rendering scenes with lighting, not about accurate light fixture bodies for drawing a plot?

There is no native or plug in method of introducing light sources into SketchUp.
This is accomplished using a stand alone 3rd party rendering program. There are several that support volumetric lighting and interface well with SketchUp, you can search the forum for rendering discussions to read about their various merits,each has its quirks and there are various levels of cost. I use Twinmotion and am happy with the results.

A method of simulating volumetric lighting from within SketchUp is to apply a transparent gradient .png to a cone shape. This may be what you are already getting from the warehouse, but it’s worth knowing how to make your own if you don’t already.

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Would you recommend Twinmotion? I looked into it previously but couldn’t find anything that said you can add volumetric or splotlights to models.


I am unfamiliar with TwinMotion. Try something like Twilight Render to see if you can work with it. They have good support and videos. There is a free version and a paid version.

Seems like Twinmotion is capable, so is D5. But can your machine handle this software?

V-Ray for SketchUp could also be used.