Square on circle?


How do I draw a square exactly centred on a circle?


you can draw a four sided circle…



Or a 4-sided polygon with the Polygon tool.


Thanks, but I can’t see how to specify either of the above?


Look at the Measurements box when you select the tool. Select the tool and before you click to set its center, type 4 and hit Enter.


Just a quick one then…


How come you don’t have the Circle tool on your custom toolbar?


Having great difficulty sussing this out. One reason is that despite trying to zoom in, my 8mm radius polygon is just a dot. Can I first type in a workspace size, say about 150mm wide? Also is there a beginners youtube video or something that might help me get started with the basics?


You raise a good point! I have moved it to another (instead of copied by accident by the looks), that I usually use just for gifs.

I didn’t notice because I have the shortcut C for it and always use that.

Problem rectified, you have a very beady eye Dave :grinning:


Thanks for the animation Thorleyan. You have done pretty much what I am trying to do, but I want the side of the square to be the diameter of the circle 16mm. Also in a workspace I can see it.


No. But you can zoom in on your circle using the scroll wheel on the mouse or the Zoom tool. The scroll wheel is easier and a better option.


Start drawing the polygon and then hit Ctrl. Drag out a bit and type 8mm and hit Enter.


You could also draw the shapes (a four sided polygon and a circle) then register them using the centre inference - a polygon, like a circle, has a centre inference point in SU 2016 and above.

Your profile doesn’t say what version of SU you are using.


Thanks, I have just downloaded SU2017 pro trial. I was going to hand draw with ruler and compass etc. a small metal item that I need to get machined, but feel it would be very useful to have it in 3d using Sketch Up. I really think I need to study a basic beginners video before going further. A URL would be useful.




Marvellous thank you. I will have a study at that and hopefully come back here with more intelligent questions :slight_smile:


When the Pro trial expires, it will stop working unless you buy a license.

You should download Make, if your use is non- commercial, and if that isn’t what you got in fact - it also gives you a trial period of using the Pro version


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