How do I change whether I'm placing a corner of a polygon/circle or a side?

Say I’m placing a polygon as such:

As you can see, my mouse is at one of the corners of the polygon. How would I make it so that the radius isn’t determined by the centre-corner distance, but the centre-side distance? So instead of my mouse being on one of the corners, it’s in the middle of one of the sides.

Thank you very much!

-_- I worked it out, you press CTRL

On a windows machine, hit Ctrl. It works the same as it does on local SketchUp install.

My mistake was that I was using Circle. It only works on the Polygon tool.

Yes. There’s no need for it with the Circle tool.

Wich circle tool?

I can only find two polygon tools. One creates prisms with hard eges after pushpulling the other creates prisms with soften/smooth edges after pushpulling. :smirk:

There’s a little more difference than that. SketchUp treats the results of the Circle tool as true circles, for some operations. Unfortunately not for tangents or intersections.


Yes I know, but I was omitting it in the small joke.