Split tool not working


split tool not working or occasionally but not always. Is there a bug


You should upload an example file that shows the bug.


Happens to me regularly - usually when I’ve been working on a file for a few hours. Selecting another tool and then going back to split often clears it, otherwise I have to quit and reopen to clear it.


It doesn’t happen in all files I need is intermittent, so uploading one file may not prove useful. Is there anyone here who is with Trimble who can explain this bug and if there is a workaround or an update?


Hi tominthegong, I am not aware of this issue to provide a workaround.
What version are you running, 2019? If so did this just start after the upgrade?
Does this occur with certain entity type? (path, circle, rectangle, arc…)
In a group?
In a Scaled Drawing?
Do you know if there is a consistent tool that you use just prior to it stop working?