Split tool not working

split tool not working or occasionally but not always. Is there a bug

You should upload an example file that shows the bug.

Happens to me regularly - usually when I’ve been working on a file for a few hours. Selecting another tool and then going back to split often clears it, otherwise I have to quit and reopen to clear it.

It doesn’t happen in all files I need is intermittent, so uploading one file may not prove useful. Is there anyone here who is with Trimble who can explain this bug and if there is a workaround or an update?

Hi tominthegong, I am not aware of this issue to provide a workaround.
What version are you running, 2019? If so did this just start after the upgrade?
Does this occur with certain entity type? (path, circle, rectangle, arc…)
In a group?
In a Scaled Drawing?
Do you know if there is a consistent tool that you use just prior to it stop working?


This issue has always been present for as long as I can remember. Too the point where Layout was unusable due to the work it was requiring from the CPU, it would just freeze up or take minutes to perform a simple “split” function.

I do not know if it is a “bug” or not, but the for me is the fact that I did not have “Object Snap” selected. (Even if things were on a grid, you still need it selected).

Once that function (Object Snap) is enabled, all is well.

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Can you share an example file where Split doesn’t work? I use the Split tool frequently without any problem.

I can, but I’m not sure it is a true “bug”. The problem goes away as long as you have “Object Snap” selected. I could imagine in the code…that this may be by design…or at least a by-product.

Let me dig up a simple example. I had figured it out in the past, but forgot, which is why I landed here looking for an answer. Then it dawned on me.

Ok, look at this extremely simple example. You often have to turn off “Object Snap” during the workflow to snap to the grid easier. If you then select the split tool, it becomes very laggy. Even with this simple file it is noticeable. When you get a file in the MB it is un-usable, until you turn back on “Object Snap”. Then all is good.Split Freeze Example.layout (11.7 KB)

The example would want to “Split” the bottom red “Fillet”, and then join it so that it is only a rounded rectangle at the top and not the bottom. I know there are easier ways, this is just an example.

I have no issues with the split tool and your example. You might benefit by using the latest video driver. Get it from the Intel website.

Like RLGL, I’m not having any issues, either. His suggestion of updating the graphics drivers is a good one. Unfortunately integrated Intel GPU’s and their drivers are known to be problematic and lacking in proper OpenGL support. Microsoft frequently pushes broken graphics drivers for them so you need to check directly with Intel for drivers. This is why integrated GPUs are not recommended.

I tried updating the graphics driver, but still the same results. Oh well, if anyone else is in the same boat, turning on “Object snap” should help.

Makes me wonder if this is why I am having Excel reference import issues, I’ll start another thread for that.