Split a line at precise point

I’m trying to split, cut a line part of a two dimensional square at a particular point. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Could you explain your objective in cutting the line? For example, if you just want to start another edge there the cut will happen automatically when you click to start the new edge. If you need the cut at a specific distance, you can use a guide point or line to locate that place, though the actual cut won’t happen until something else requires a vertex there - such as drawing another edge.

Thank you for your help. I’m trying to divide, cut a line so that each part could be separated. right now they will move “together”. Imagine a rectangle 10’x10’ and I want to separate and move a section of 3’ let’s say away without having the entire shape being distorted.
Thanks again

Right click on the edge (‘line’), choose divide, drag along the direction of the edge to see the division or type how many (followed by [Enter])
If you want to drag a piece of the edge, select it and activate the Move tool, then hit the modifier key for copy (Ctrl windows, Alt Mac), click starting point, drag in a direction and type distance.

Once the edge is divided according to what you did to it, either by using ‘Divide’ or any other operation(s), you can select that 3’ segment. Then in menu Edit > select ‘Make Group’. The grouped segment is now completely isolated and can be moved, leaving a gab.
If wanted, you can explode the grouped segment at its new location.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much

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