Spline in SKP rendered as a Dashed Spline in LO

Hi! I need to be able to draw a Spline in SKP but have it rendered as a Dashed Spline in LO .

SU2018 here… Any hope!?

Thanks, Heather

Hi Heather. Curved lines with dashes can be a little problematic in SketchUp because of the way SketchUp draws them with short line segments. And the dashes thing in SketchUp requires SU2019, anyway. My preference is to trace them in LayOut with LayOuts drawing tools and set a dash style in Shape Style.

Thank you again as always!

I can trace … not efficient but works.
Is there a way of cutting and pasting elements between SU and LO?

You’re welcome as always.

Not copying and pasting. You can create a scene SU showing just that spline and then in LO, set up a viewport for that scene. Render it as Vector and then explode it, This will convert the curve you drew in SU into a LayOut entity which can then be adjusted with Shape Style settings. Problem is, it’ll still be segmented and won’t dash very nicely.

Wow, cool to know that emergency work-around (for other uses too) but looks like tracing is the way to go. THANKS! good day to ya,

Yes. There can be some good uses for exploding vector rendered viewports.

You have a great day, too.

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Okay, so tracing doesn’t really solve this because I don’t have a spline tool in LO… which was the goal of doing it in SK first anyway.

Am I missing something? And if not, do you trace with Arcs and so on… that could take a long time…

You can draw splines with the Line tool if you click and hold as you set points. If I need to trace a spline from SketchUp, I generally create a straight line to begin with and then bend it to my will :wink: by editing it and holding Alt (Command on Mac). You can add control points along the line by holding Alt (Command) while clicking on it, too.

wOw, cool. I’ve got some playing around to do here. This should work fine! … i think, :slight_smile:

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