Speeding up the Trial

Greetings humans,
the reasons might not be understandable, but long story short:
how do I downgrade from “trial pro” to “make”?
There is no button for it. I can’t afford to wait 30 days for it to stop. (28 currently)
I mean, this doesn’t even make any sence, I was not asked if I wanted to start the trial, there was no other choice.
I have reinstalled it, changed my PC time, I have even been to the registers and nothing.
I just want to have the make version, why are they making it so hard?

What difference does it make if you’re currently running the pro trial? Why the rush to get to Make?

I think there’s a switch to turn off the trial version. I’ll search for it.

This post explains how to skip the trial period:

I imagine the folder name would be SketchUp 2016.

I think Dave had this in mind…

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You have my gratitude.