Specs for Sketch Up

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Hope someone can help shed some light.
I haven’t bought Sketch Up Pro yet…but am preparing to do so.
The Windows 10 computer I buy…will also need to have enough specs/requirements to allow me to use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Q1. When I buy a computer…should I be adding up all the “RAM” requirements eg:
Sketch Up requires 8 GB
Adobe Premiere 32 GB (for 4K performance)
Adobe After Effects 32 GB
Do I need a computer that has 72 GB or 32 GB or 40GB (if I have 2 programs opened eg. Sketch and Premiere)

Q 2. I read somewhere that Sketch Up doesn’t recommend a computer with ‘intel based cards’ (not sure what that means)…but I see that Premiere and After Effects specs both use Intel 7th generation or Intel w/64 Bit…is this going to pose a problem or Sketch Up to work efficiently? I don’t want to spend thousands on a computer to find out it’s only good for Premiere and After Effects and wont’ work with Sketch Up.

Would greatly welcome some advice on specs to watch out for…if i plan on buying these 3 software.

I came across this Microsoft desktop and it caters to AutoCAD…would that mean it’s also appropriate for Sketch Up? https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/surface/business/surface-studio-2#primaryR2

The Intel warning isn’t about the CPU, but rather the graphics card - it’s okay if there’s an Intel there, too, but there can be issues if the only graphics card is the Intel. My personal PC has an Intel and an NVIDIA.
The big thing is to make sure you have a 3D-class graphics card. The links below will tell you more.

Please visit this forum post written by one of our greatest legends, Jody for some good shake-down items that will help you demystify what you really need to look at (and what you don’t) when purchasing or upgrading a computer. Here is a link to the forum post: Hardware Recommendations - Community Feedback

We also have a very comprehensive list of minimum and recommended system requirements in our Help Center article located here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/36208


I ran into an issue with my nice PC where I had a smaller SSD C drive, and a terabyte D drive, and it’s fine, but I had to do some extra work to make sure my C drive didn’t get overstuffed. I wished I had bought a bigger SSD card, or just not even messed with having 2 drives.
This isn’t a SketchUp issue so much, but more of a “I have to install many large programs” issue.

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if Windows and for SketchUp in general:

  • CPU: recent Core i5/i7 (high-clocked)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX
  • RAM: 8-16 GB (or more if using e.g. a rendering plugin is planned)
  • System Disc: SSD (Samsung Evo/Pro)

Video Editing needs lots of working memory, go for 32 GB preferrably as 2x 16 GB modules sothat you can add more memory later on if required.

performance config.:
CPU: intel Core i7-9700K or i7-9900K
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 (Ti) or GTX 1080


As to memory requirements, what you really need depends on what you do. My models are small, and when I run SketchUp its memory use never even approaches 8GB. The same goes for the other apps you plan to use. You could start with the 32GB and make sure that the machine has room to expand it later if the need arises.


Usually the RAM requirements stated for programs are for the system as a whole, not what the individual program will use.

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I guess the real question is your budget. How much can you spend?

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seems that Lisa has left the building.

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Perhaps she’s PC shopping? :wink:


Thank you so very much for the quick response and the handy links and great advice…I will go check out those links now! Much appreciated.

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Perhaps she has a life and could take some time to respond to replys.

Thank you for that valuable recommendation…much appreciated…I’ve screen captured your specs and will keep them handy as I shop for my new PC. Once again, many thanks!

Lol…you guys are fun and funny in the forum. I’ve been working…so I haven’t had time to pop on here…but now that I have…I’m glad there’s so many experienced users with sage advice…much appreciated. I’m making note of all the specs and will bring them with me as I show for my new PC.

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great advice Anssi! I will make note of this as I shop for my new PC.

You’re right…I’m in full on research-shopping mode…and am really appreciating all this great advice. The worst feeling is when you buy something only to find out it’s not strong enough for what you want to do.

I’m thinking of spending around $2000 for the hardware and $800-ish for the monitor…hopefully that gets me the suped-up hardware I should have to accommodate all my future needs.

What does that mean?

I plan on using the new PC for:
Sketch Up + Vray plug-in
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects

…are you saying whenever one program is open…the hardware’s system is only using RAM for the program that’s opened?

If so, that’s what I was worried about…what happens if I want to open 2 or 3 programs at once? Not sure I’ll ever need to do that…but I dunno…just want to ensure I’m all set up with enough RAM etc. to use the above mentioned software.

This question/answer may well apply to all programs, but it tells you about After Effects in particular. You can set how much RAM is going to be used by AE while it is rendering in the background:


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Thank you for that link…I’ve screen captured it…and will keep it handy. Kind regards,

Check out the Dell Alienware offerings … you can configure them however you need, choose memory, upgrade to a solid state drive, choose which Nvidia graphics you want, upgrade to Windows Pro, etc.



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