Best Reasonably Priced Computer for Sketch Up Pro

My computer used to run Sketch up but it won’t run the Pro. It is an older computer so rather than purchase a new graphics card I am thinking of buying a new computer but don’t want to overspend on more than I need. I recently retired from our construction business so I am only using it for fun at this point and I am still very much in the learning phase. Do you have any recommendations for a reasonably priced computer for me? Thank you!

Dell has sales on often and good build quality.

If you can find a local supplier, you can usually get a lot for your money.

Have you decided on a laptop or a desktop?

Basic hardware requirements can be found here:

Hardware and software requirements

Thank you very much. Yes, I like Dell too, that is what we had bought for our work computers last year, but, unfortunately, they were part of the sale when we sold the business. I found one for $2,000, one sale and it doesn’t include any software. Now that we are retired and I am using Sketch Up for designing my own dream home, I was hoping to find a good computer for around $1,000.

the dreaded “Best XYZ…” question again :wink:

Desktop or Notebook?

if Windows in general:

  • CPU: recent Core i5/i7 (high-clocked)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX
  • RAM: 8-16 GB (or more if using e.g. a rendering plugin is planned)
  • System Disc: SSD (Samsung Evo)
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Thank you very much!! I forgot to say Desktop but that is definitely what I plan to get after reading other posts on the subject.

Have a great weekend!