Specs for Sketch Up

I agree with Dan, the Alienware Aurora seems like a good deal for the specs. I was going to suggest the Dell XPS but it would cost a bit more with similar specs. I have had good experiences with Dell. Just replaced my 7+ year old Dell at home with a newer model. It was still working but just showing it’s age (AMD Athlon II x4). Also have a 5 year old Dell Optiplex at work that has been a great.
One thing that I would insist on is making sure the hard drive is a M.2 PCIe NVMe ssd and NOT a SATA ssd. The Alienware Aurora has this so another good call imho.
Good luck :wink:

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Dell also has a lower budget gaming notebook family … ie, the G3, G5 and G7 series, if the Alienware seem a bit too high in price. I believe they all have discrete Nvidia graphics.

They do Dan, I bought my son one last year as he was starting mech eng in college. I got him a 15.6 G5 unit. Got it for under $900 with a 8th gen i7, 16 gb ram, 500 gb M.2 PCIe NVMe, 1 tb hdd and GTX 1050. Unless the OP just needs portability I’d stick with a desktop. Better starting price point and ability to upgrade components when needed.

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completely irrelevant for a typical user and additionally the default for every recent system.

if you wanna use several applications at the same time add the minimum system requirements plus roughly 4 GB for Windows itself and you should be pretty safe.

Hi decoreista.

notwithstanding the recommended spec by Trimble, which I assume you have stashed on your computer now anyway…I am currently, (still) as of may 2019, running my 2012 custom built pc workstation - Intel Core i7 3.60ghz cpu, 24 Gb RAM running at 1660mhz, 2 x 2tb western digital 7200rpm std hard drives in RAID 0 mirror, on an Asus P9X79 DeLuxe motherboard, with a 1kw power supply, 3 fans, and the 2018 change form an NVidia Quadro K2000 2Gb video card, to a GeForce GTX 1060 6gb gpu enabled video card so I could run Lumion or any other current tech gpu software.
I use Windows 10 Pro.

I run Revit, SU Pro and Lumion, where Lumion is gpu heavy and Revit has a …fair, demand on all resources.
I use a live bridge between SketchUp Pro and Lumion and between Revit and Lumion, so the models are open while rendering is happening and edits in real time on models are immediately reflected in Lumion and there are no issues whatsoever
I think it would be difficult, to beat an NVidia system for performance and reliability relative to Intel right now…
good luck

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Go to Best Buy and get one of their hot-rod gaming PCs. It specializes in high-speed graphics, and now even my most complicated 3D models run without any delays.

LOL, nice edit! :wink: Not the default always, why I brought it up to start with. One just needs to read the specs carefully.

Hello: I just wanted to add that my computer is 10 years old, has 8 g ram, Windows 10 and I run AutoCAD, Sketchup Pro, all the Adobe suite, Revit, etc. Not at the same time, but have not had any problems. What you might want to consider is that I also use two monitors which allows me to put all my palettes etc. on one monitor and the other is just for drawing. I have the Navidia graphics card and and get updates on drivers. I also have Geek Squad, which I really love, and if I have any problems with drivers or whatever, they can handle most of it remotely.