Specify pivot area, i.e. where two different object will be connected with a bolt and where angle will be measured?

I’m trying to recreate this product’s (link), ability to re-configured to a stow away position when not in use. The green circle is the area where I’m trying to emulate the pivot.

The following image (link), shows the black dot where I’d like to specify the pivot. From there I would like to use the rotate tool, to better make sure that the dot is in the best spot, to minimize risk of interference between the two wooden structures, and most customizable angle position…

This is the skp file (link) of the entire structure.

I am working on a personal project at the moment with similar issues (a dock ladder that folds).

I haven’t viewed your .skp, but this would be a general process:

In the .skp model, create a centre axis for the bolt with a guideline. (in your version of SU, may require editing the bolt - finding the centre of it by drawing a line across its diameter).

You can then use the rotate tool to rotate (type in your prefered rotation angle once you engage the tool) the required components (after selecting all items you want to rotate and make a group or component).

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I had to select the pieces I wanted to “stay on the ground”, then make them a group. And from there generate a grid line after selecting the rotate tool.

Your rotation is not exactly centred (you are getting a message that it is on the face - not the centre of the bolt) - you will get a confirmation when the rotation tool is precisely centred on the bolt.

Open the group (bolt and lower member) and edit the bolt by drawing a centre line across it - you will have to zoom in to see all the edges of the bolt - should be fairly obvious when you have drawn an actual diameter line). (This is a not the ideal U process as described below).

When you try to use the rotate tool again on the group, it will be able to find the exact centre of the bolt and rotate the group correctly.

The proper way to find the centre is by inferencing, which you are already doing a bit. May require watching a YouTube video to get the hang of it.

SketchUp inferencing

You can always add rotation handles like I have done in this post.

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a variation on Box’s handles…

I like using the ‘move tool’ for the rotate…

just hide a circles edges inside the group/component…



Or like this (Find center):

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