Specific filter searches in 3D warehouse

Is there any expression you can use in 3D wareshouse?

Say I wanted to limit my search to a specific creator like… SketchUp.

If I filter author to SketchUp now and write SketchUp, i also get models from
TristanSkipperSketchUp, SketchUp Studio NL, Junior Sketchuper etc… But I ONLY want the exact match “SketchUp”

Tried using quotations “SketchUp” and regex ^SketchUp$ but that had no effect… Any ideas?

For ‘SketchUp’… :wink:

That not filtering a search. Thats just viewing the authors models…

Do you insert a ‘filter search’ or a model in what you are working on?
I just gave you an idea to easily access the models created by SketchUp, until more advanced filters are implemented for those who need the models created by others.

Look at my example over.

I want to search for models that include the word Camera that are official by sketchup.

So I search Camera… then limit the search to author “Sketchup”

But that gives med every user with the word “sketchup” in their username…

Of course I could click on the username and browse his thousands of models. But I’m only interested in the models that include the word Camera…

‘‘Camera’’ only by ‘‘SketchUp’’

perfect! . Thankyou. That is absolutely closer…

So what if I want to find all of SketchUp’s dynamic components under 1 mb…

See where I’m going? …

What I’m asking for is a way to be even more specific in my search but I get that doesn’t exist,

You’re welcome!

It’s ok, you just have to keep in mind that the system is recently implemented in 3D Warehouse and requires both adjustments and new additions.

It’s also better to add such requests in the Feature request section of 3D Warehouse, to make it easier for SketchUp developers to follow.